For over 25 years, Chris Medlin and his crew have successfully completed thousands of projects, from making driveways, fixing slopes and correcting drainage issues, to trenching thousands of linear feet, to clearing a site and laying the concrete foundation.

Quality Guaranteed

When it comes to Bobcat work, extensive first-hand experience is critical.  It is only by directly working on a wide variety of jobs that an operator becomes an expert in operating heavy machinery, reading engineering plans and making sure that every project is completed safely, successfully, and timely.  Everyone on our crew has extensive experience working with Bobcats and is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of excavation, drilling, grading, soil compaction, underground utility installation, asphalt paving, and rock, gravel and concrete work.

Every question will be answered, every phone call picked up and every process thoroughly explained.


We are a Melbourne business that prides itself on providing low cost work while maintaining incredible quality, attention to detail and customer service.